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High Five

The wired how to wiki is awesome.  You can learn how to do just about everything on this site.  Among this month’s featured “how to’s” is “how to throw the perfect high five.” The article is short, funny, and valuable if you are looking to improve your ability to slap some skin.  It features basic […]

Worth 1,000 Words

Who said church marketing sucks? I saw this sign outside of a church in Cincinnati today, and of course had to go back and snap a picture… and of course had to share it with you. Now, either this church is taking a REALLY different approach to attracting new parishioners, or they need to get […]

If I Was in Charge of Rolling Rock…

Week 2 in my series of “If I was in charge.” I discovered that it is more difficult than I thought to pick a company. Inspiration comes from many sources, and tonight, it happens to come “from the glass lined tanks of Old Latrobe.” – Rolling Rock. So, if I was in Charge of Rolling […]

Google – Elmer Fudd Style

Wooking for a weelly funny way to wead google? Click on the Search Preferences link just to the right of the logo. Once you are on the preferences screen, click on the drop down box (for most readers of this site, that will be set on English already) and then scroll down until just before […]