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The 1982 World’s Fair

Recently I have been seeing a lot of news about the splendor and spectacle that is the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai, China. This event is expected to attract between 70 and 100 million visitors, as countries, businesses, and entrepreneurs from around the world seek to gain access to the rapidly growing Chinese markets. Well […]


It recently occurred to me that through the course of my life I have devoted way too much time to socks.  Yes, socks. No, I don’t have some weird sock fetish or a creepy sock collection, but rather I have spent countless minutes here and there sifting through laundry baskets, rummaging through drawers, and searching […]

Summing Up SummitUp

Yesterday I got to celebrate my birthday by having my very own social media conference – SummitUp.  I highly recommend this as a way to celebrate your next birthday.  (actually this was purely coincidence, but a nice one none the less.)  The day was simply amazing.  To give you an idea of how well things […]

Are You A Gmail Ninja?

Like every suburban white kid who grew up in the early 1980’s, I love and respect the Ninja.  I am not sure if this affection is traced back to GI Joe’s nemesis Storm Shadow, the short lived show "The Master," readily available ninja throwing stars that you could pick up at the Upper Valley Mall, the […]

Adding Fun to Your Run with Nike Plus

"Hi, my name is Dave, and I am a nerd… a nerd who is trying to get in shape by running every day even though running alone can be mundane.  A nerd who is staying interested in running by gathering data about my running using an awesome gadget called Nike Plus.  If you are a […]

Uncle Rico

I saw a commercial last week for one of my favorite films, the cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite.  In addition to making me laugh, the commercial set me to thinking about Marketing.  Specifically, I was thinking about the lesson that can be learned from the character Uncle Rico. Uncle Rico, masterfully played by Jon Gries, […]

Geoff Has A Blog!

My brother-in-law Geoff is one of the smartest and funniest people I know.  The guy is a freaking nuclear engineer, a cycling enthusiast, a master of trivia, and one of the best story tellers I have ever met. Good news.  Geoff just launched a blog titled It’s The Best I Could Do ,  where he […]

Olympic Fun

For the past week I have been completely enthralled with the Olympics.  It is funny, because in the days leading up to the games I was not really all that excited about them.   With the exception of 3 nights of synchronized diving, (Seriously… this should be a 30 second highlight reel, not 3 nights of […]

High Five

The wired how to wiki is awesome.  You can learn how to do just about everything on this site.  Among this month’s featured “how to’s” is “how to throw the perfect high five.” The article is short, funny, and valuable if you are looking to improve your ability to slap some skin.  It features basic […]

Worth 1,000 Words

Who said church marketing sucks? I saw this sign outside of a church in Cincinnati today, and of course had to go back and snap a picture… and of course had to share it with you. Now, either this church is taking a REALLY different approach to attracting new parishioners, or they need to get […]