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When The Muzak’s Over…

I saw on yesterday that Muzak, you know the good people who sterilized music so that it was suitable for elevators, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  What surprised me more than the company filing bankruptcy, was the fact that the company was still around.  I just assumed that satellite radio, digital radio, internet radio, […]

For the Best in Men’s Clothing Call Paul’s Boutique

20 years ago this month, one of the finest albums ever made was released to the world – Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys.  At the time, it was not widely appreciated.  The album was the B Boys follow up to the wildly popular album Licensed to Ill.  It was a radical departure from its […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Tim Westergren

In January of 2006, I discovered  Almost immediately, I began telling people about the site.  A few days later, I even posted a thank you note on my blog to Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora.   Yesterday, I had the very distinct honor of introducing Tim at the Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast.  My […]

Did you see this? January 9th, 2009

Time to share the love yet again.   Here are some recently discovered snippets from around the web. Friend and former LUCRUM co-worker Andy Erickson was the featured author of an excellent article on Soapbox Cincinnati. comScore ranking of social sites – Thanks to fellow Kenton Ridge Cougar Bill Sterzenbach for sending this to me. […]

Complimenting My Guitar…

On Sunday, WalMart complimented my guitar, while Target did not.  Those who have heard me play would probably ask “why anyone would compliment my guitar?” No I am not talking about the “nice playing” type of compliment, but rather the idea of selling complimentary products.  This concept was illustrated to me over the weekend as […]

3 Free Tools for Great Music on the Web

I love music.  I have spent a good portion of my life writing, singing, playing, and listenting to it.  Regardless of the genre, great music is something I value highly.  So, discovering new music I enjoy and rediscovering long forgotten old favorites from earlier in my life makes me happy. When I was a young […]

Songza: Search Engine Meets Jukebox

Hey music fans. Check out Songza, a web 2.0 style search tool for music. Type in an artist or song name and songza will deliver a listing of search results linking to audio files. It then gives you a number of options including playing the track, embeding it in your web site, or ranking the […]

Jack’s Back: Sleep Through the Static

In the Christmas gift exchange at my former employer, Hafenbrack Marketing, I got a Best Buy gift card for $20.00. A very nice gift indeed. My initial urge was to just go and blow it as quickly as possible on the first shiny object that caught my attention – my typical modus operandi. Luckily, before […]


The list of concerts I have been to is long, but surprisingly does not include U2. Sadly, I have never been able to catch the “Irish Band from Dublin City, Ireland” live and in person. I hope to one day rectify that, but in the mean time – good news. U2 is releasing U23D, an […]