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Snow Job

I heard a great story by Jeff Brady on NPR while on the way home yesterday.  It was about the work of two researchers from Dartmouth who found it odd that ski resorts seemed to report more snowfall than surrounding areas and and steeper increases in snow amounts on weekends.  They also found that resorts […]

Enjoy the Ride

My brother in law Geoff is a cycling enthusiast – a self described Crank Addict.  He is also a scientist with a disdain for senseless human consumption and laziness.  So, when I was listening to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition about Cargo Bikes, I could not resist blogging about it for Geoff and others. […]

This is Your Sewer.. on Drugs

Are people in your neighborhood using Cocaine? Meth? LSD? Flintstone Vitamins? Scharffen-Berger Chocolate? Soon, you may be able to have a better idea as to whether your neighbors are truly crazy or just good old fashioned junkies, loaded up on barbiturates. “How?” you ask. Well, it seems as thought scientists in Oregon are now drug […]