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The White House on the Web

While it remains to be seen just how effective the new administration will be in restoring prosperity to our land, if the White House web site is any indicator we are headed for better days.  The site has a fresh new look and quite a bit of added functionality.  Check out The site has […]

America the Beautiful

The democratic process that we have embraced for over 2 centuries is an amazing spectacle to witness.  The willing transfer of power from one group of leaders to another as a reflection of the will of the people is uniquely American.  Today, for the 44th time in the history of our country, an individual chosen […]

MLK Day in Dayton, 2009

Today people from Dayton and the surrounding area came together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  There were prayer breakfasts, marches, dinners, and other festivities – all of which capped a week of commemorating the life of Dr. King. I had the pleasure of helping to organize the South Dayton march […]

Obama in Dayton Friday

Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama will be coming to Dayton, Ohio this Friday.  He will be speaking about his proposed energy policy.  The event is free, but tickets are limited.  This is a great opportunity to see a Presidential candidate up close and in person.  I hope that I can score tickets and make it […]