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Making The Cut

Sunday morning, and time for me, Chef Daddy, to make a pancake breakfast for the kiddos. With little ones, one of the challenges of pancakes is cutting them up in smaller pieces so the kids can eat them without making a mess. Truth be told I like them that way too. Here is a simple […]

The Amazing Pizza Box Video?

Yes, I said "The Amazing Pizza Box Video."  it is not a typo. Need proof that the opportunity to innovate is all around us?  Check out this 45 second video from Eco Incorporated, a company who is "saving the environment one pizza box at a time."   This is such an awesome concept for so many […]

Drunken caveman craves Cassano’s

Well the Dayton Daily News is front runner for my favorite headline of the week with the story “Drunken Caveman Craves Cassano’s.” In a previous post here on, I mentioned the amazing varieties of pizza available here in Dayton. Apparently, Cassano’s, which is a thin-crust, “Dayton style” pizza is a favorite amongst the drunken […]

Pizza, Dayton Style…

I love to eat pizza. All kinds of it. As an undergrad at Wright State, I worked at Flying Pizza, where they were kind enough to let me take home a big box of slices every night. I lived on the stuff and love it to this day. As it happens, Southwestern Ohio is home […]