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Voices Episode 3 – Rod Sommer

One of the sharpest practitioners of marketing I know is Rod Sommer, a partner with LJB Inc – an architectural, engineering, consulting firm headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Rod has a no nonsense approach to marketing. He defines his philosophy as attraction based marketing. He combines an open mind about technology and its potential with a […]

Voices: Episode 2 – David Esrati

The name of the podcast is Voices, and frankly there are not many people I know more vocal than David Esrati. David, never at a loss for words, sat down to speak with me about what makes Dayton great, the role of the city in the broader region, his run for congress, the impact of […]

Voices: Episode 1 – Steven L. Johnson, PhD

I am happy to introduce a new project entitled “Voices.” This will be an ongoing series of interviews with interesting people I know – some better than others. In doing so, I hope to provide a range of perspectives on the world. I plan on asking a few questions, and letting someone else do the […]