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For my birthday this year, I am getting something really cool –  a social media conference right here in Dayton.  “Yea, Just what I always wanted, a conference!” No, the conference was not put on for that reason, but it is a nice coincidence.    The event is called SummitUp, it will take place on October […]

Voices – Episode 9: Michelle Kaye

Michelle Kaye is a leader.  She has spent more than 20 years working in Dayton, Ohio.  She is one of the most well connected and highly respected Marketing professionals in the community. In her current positition as Director of Practice Development at Battelle & Battelle, she is tasked with overseeing the growth of the firm.  […]

Employee Recruiting: Kicking it Up a Notch

Imagine the following: You are happily working at your desk. The phone rings. You pick it up to hear an unfamiliar voice say “Hey (your name).” “Google is interested in interviewing you for a job.” You are flattered, but say “Thanks, but I really enjoy working here at (your business name).” The voice then responds […]