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Black and White Television

I am old enough to remember watching a black and white television as a kid. No, I am not talking about black and white movies on a color television, I am referring to a television with no color. When I grew up, color television was not groundbreaking, but it was still an upgrade from the […]

The Front Line

After the Superbowl I spent an hour watching the new CBS program Undercover Boss.  The show featured the CEO of the company Waste Management posing as a new hire for the company in numerous front line service jobs.  He picked up litter on a hillside, helped manage traffic at a landfill, cleaned portable toilets, and […]

2 Cents on 2 Bucks

Once Upon A Time: As a kid I was fascinated by Nielsen, you know the TV ratings people.  I yearned to have my household chosen to be a Nielsen family.  I imagined how cool it would be to have one of those mysterious ratings boxes I heard so much about, but never actually saw, sitting […]

Pepsi, Leno, and Choice

Place a Coke and a Pepsi in front of me, ask me to choose one, and I will always pick the Coke. Restaurants offer a different scenario.  They typically carry either only Coke or Pepsi.  When I go out to eat I always ask for a Coke, but if the restaurant carries Pepsi, I happily […]

Ha Ha

A few weeks ago I decided to write a post about how I was going to watch less television in 2009.  No sooner than I hit publish, did PBS start hitting me with some can’t miss programming  in the form of the series Make Em Laugh. Let’s face it.  We all can use a good […]

Hel Of A Show

Yes I am cutting back on Television for 2009.  There is however, one exception and that is PBS.  Case in point is the program I caught over the weekend – Independent Lens, Helvetica.  This show is all about the story of the font Helvetica. It seems sort of strange to think that someone invented Helvetica, […]

Less of That…

So I posted my list of things that I am going to do more of, but time does not come in an infinite supply.  Thus in order to accomplish more of what I want to do, I offer up a list of things I hope to do less of in 2009. In 2009 I plan […]

Cheers! Dayton

Short and Sweet. I love the show Cheers.  It is the greatest sitcom of all time.  Season after season, character after character, it is simply outstanding television.  I don’t have cable, and have not seen the show in years.  I have wished and wished that it would come back somewhere on local television in reruns […]

If I Was In Charge of… NBC

Next February, good old fashioned broadcast television – the kind delivered by the combination of aluminum foil and rabbit ears that sits atop of my old school analog set – will cease to exist.  The Federal government is mandating that television networks broadcast solely in digital signals. Thus, if you are like me, you will […]

Gordon Ramsay – Recipe for Marketing Success

I am not a big TV guy, especially not reality TV, but I found a show that I have come to love watching. It is called Kitchen Nightmares, and features Chef Gordon Ramsay. In every episode, he helps a failing restaurant to get back on track, and in my mind the show is really more […]