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Thank You: D Wade & D Wade

This week’s thank you post was inspired by a meeting I was involved in this morning. I was asked to introduce myself and tell the group something about me that they probably did not know. I volunteered the fact that from 8th grade through college and for a couple years beyond, I was the lead singer in a rock band. Derek Wade, Dustin Wade, and I (along with several great drummers) spent over a decade writing music, performing live, and having fun. These two guys have been involved in so many of the great moments of my life, and have provided me with some of my fondest memories of youth. (Freaking out the State Auditor’s Wife at her Birthday Party at Americana, Bucket Nights, Tuty’s, May Daze, Battle of the Bands, Barn Parties, Talent Shows, road trips etc…)  I still get chills when I hear Derek’s guitar solo in “My Place” or Dustin’s bass line in “Shape of What Surrounds.” It is funny to me that many of the people I know from that time in life would associate me with music, while most of those I work and go to school with now have no inclination of my musical past. Life changes things. The memories remain in my head, and I think back fondly of our days as rock stars. Together we wrote some pretty good music and had some amazing times, and I would like to say “Thanks.”
-Someday we will embark on the reunion tour.