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Thank You Wyoming!

Thank You WyomingIf Google Analytics is to be believed my site has now been visited by at least one person in each of the 50 United States.  For months now, Wyoming has been the lone hold out to visit  Last week, a Wyomingite was kind enough to drop by, if only for a few seconds, and complete the list of visiting States. Thanks to whoever that person was.  I appreciate it your visit, just as I do everyone who has visited and continues to visit my site.

While the accomplishment is meager in comparison to some heavily trafficked sites, it is cool to know that people from all corners of the USA have stopped by my modest little web site.  I am grateful to live in America, proud to be free to speak my mind, and thankful to all who have visited my site.  I will keep on trying to create interesting content in hopes that you will continue to come back.


David E. Bowman

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