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The Meadowlark Restaurant: Purple Cow on a Buttered Toasted Roll

The Meadowlark Attention all Dayton, Ohio chowhounds. For a remarkable dining experience, you have got to check out the Meadowlark Restaurant. The atmosphere is great, the people are friendly, and the food is top notch. I had originally heard of the restaurant a few weeks ago while I was driving to work. The Meadowlark sponsors NPR’s Morning Edition on WYSO (91.3 FM), and was given a nice mention in between news stories. As a result I had wanted to check the place out for myself, but had just not gotten around to it. I was finally able to satisfy my curiosity last Sunday, and I was not disappointed. My family and I had been out running some Sunday morning errands, when we were struck by the need to eat. It was 10:30 in the morning. Fast food just did not fit the bill, and Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, First Watch and the like were all bustling with the church crowd. We were dumbfounded. As we aimlessly drove around in search of a good meal, we happened upon The Meadowlark. After some cajoling, I convinced my wife that I should go in and scope out the place. I needed to make sure that the place did not cost a million dollars, was not too crowded, and had something for everyone to eat. I quickly returned with the thumbs up, though in the back of my mind I was still skeptical. As we were seated, my worries were soon put to rest. The place is painted with bold colors, has beautiful photographs hanging on the walls, and is filled with the sweet sound of classic jazz. The people are friendly, considerate, and seemed to be happy to have us as their guests. The menu features an eclectic mix of homemade delights. I went with the Lark Burger, which was marinated in Red Wine and served on a toasted buttered roll. Delicious. The ingredients were fresh and the food was carefully prepared, beautifully presented, and bursting with flavor. They even had homemade Ketchup, which had a bit of a chili sauce flavor to it, to put on the fries. The whole family made it into the clean plate club, devouring every wonderful bite. We left with our hunger, and my curiosity, delightfully satisfied. I look forward to returning to the place again. Check out their menu on the web. Visit the place. Then tell me what YOU think of the Meadowlark by leaving a comment.

The Meadowlark Restaurant