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The Physics of Marketing – Bernoulli Equation

Daniel Bernoulli observed that in flowing fluids there is a relationship between speed and pressure.  This relationship, known as the Bernoulli Equation went on to inspire the creation of blood pressure monitors, airplanes, and even fuel injectors.

What Bernoulli observed was that moving water created lower pressure.  The faster the water moved, the lower the pressure dropped.   Airplanes can fly, due in part to the fact that the curved shape of the wings allows for the air to travel more quickly over the top than the bottom – thus creating lift by lowering the pressure on the top side of the wing.  A simple explanation is the idea that speed can reduce pressure.

How does this equate to marketing?

My mind gravitates to sales with this one.  Particularly the notion that the speed at which sales are generated reduces the pressure on the rest of the organization.  Thus a good sales strategy seeks to find ways to speed up sales cycles.  This could be accomplished by removing unnecessary steps in the sales process.  Taking time to educate sales personnel properly.  Focus on quality leads over quantity of leads – thus reducing time pressure.  Eliminating unnecessary meetings and paperwork – all of which require time and attention and increase pressure.

Yes pressure is necessary.  There are things that just must get done, and often organizations can only handle so much speed before the system breaks down.  Still, removing unnecessary pressure from sales is a great strategy for increasing the speed at which revenue flows.  Marketing plays a huge role in examining the sales processes and activities and seeking ways to make things more effective.

Often when sales begin to slow, the natural reaction is to “put more pressure on the sales force.”  While this seems like a good idea if they are truly lazy, most often the opposite happens.  Under the increased pressure to do more with less speed diminishes and the numbers fall.  The better approach is to examine how to reduce pressure in the system – better products, more training, better leads, better marketing materials, less paperwork, better service, shorter lead times, etc…

By actively working to support the sales team, Marketing can reduce unnecessary pressure and increase the speed at which a business operates.

What do you think?  How would you apply Bernoulli to Marketing?

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