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The Physics of Marketing – Hooke’s Law

SUSPENDERSScientist, Physicist, Mathematician and all around genius Robert Hooke lived in the mid 1600’s.  Much of his work revolved around his law of elasticity, which stated that elastic materials stretch in proportion to the force applied to them.  Some materials are more elastic than others.  Understanding this principle allowed for sailors to measure longitude, architects to design amazing structures, people to use pocket watches, and bungee jumpers to… well… to jump of bridges and survive.  In short, strain causes stress, and certain materials respond differently to stress.

At risk of sounding redundant from last week’s post, I think this again illustrates the importance of treating different customers differently.  Choose your best customers and design your products, services, and your customer experiences to capitalize on their common elastic principles.  Give your best customers more of what they want, and work on giving value up front in exchange for bringing them back again and again.  Give to get.  Give more, get more, find new ways to give more and on and on.

Bear in mind, different materials have different elastic principles.  Some are highly elastic, and others not at all.  Consumers are the same.  Find the right group, and then do something amazing for them.

What is your interpretation of Hooke’s Law as it pertains to marketing?  Please further the discussion by sharing your thoughts in the form of a comment.