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The Physics of Marketing – Mach’s Principle

The Science Of Mechanics - Supplementary VolumeErnst Mach, was an Austrian Philosopher and Physicist. He lived from 1838 to 1916. His principle proposed the idea that “mass there influences inertia here.” That means that the gravity of far away things affects how nearby things move. Thus motion is only meaningful when measured against another object. For example, we know the earth is spinning because we can measure it relative to the stars. Without the stars, or some other point of reference, motion would be meaningless. Because Mass is the critical factor in motion, and every object in the universe is pulling on every other object, true motion can only be determined by examining mass.

[ Albert Einstein seemed to view Mach’s principle as something along the lines of:

“…inertia originates in a kind of interaction between bodies…”[3] ] – wikipedia

So what does this mean to marketing? How can you take the principles of a 19th Century Scientist and apply them to the modern discipline of Marketing? What is the analogy?

On an aside, please stay away from “this is the guy that the Mach 3 razor is named after.” While this is a pretty easily demonstrable way that Mach impacted Marketing, lets stick with Mach’s principle this week.

Please educate me. Drop some science knowledge and leave your comments.

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