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The Physics of Marketing: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton\'s Laws of Motion

Isaac Newton lived from 1643 – 1727, and is about as close to a superstar as any scientist could be. People far beyond the world of physics know Sir Isaac. He helped to invent calculus, and was actually the first scientist to be knighted in Britain. Newton’s work is widely known and has been the basis for much of modern science. While some of his theories were disproved, or proven only to be applicable in certain circumstances, his contribution to humanity is immense. But what can he – or his theories – contribute to modern day Marketing? Well, I will list his theories, and then we can discuss just that.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

  1. Bodies move in a straight line with a uniform speed, or remain stationary, unless a force acts to change their speed or direction.
  2. Forces produce accelerations that are in proportion to the mass of a body. (F = ma)
  3. Every action of a force produces an equal and opposite reaction

I am curious to see how you would apply these laws to marketing?

I will chime in later, but certainly I could envision discussions of small versus large businesses, competitive strategy, change management, pricing, product life cycles… oh my mind is just racing. Please accelerate this discussion with your actions and leave a comment. Address one of them, each of them, or all of them… whatever moves you.

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