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The Talking Blog

My kids watch a cartoon on PBS about a talking dog named Martha.  It turns out the dog ate some alphabet soup and through the magic of television, learned how to speak English.  However, to the dismay of my children, this post is about talking blogs – not dogs.

Thanks to BuzzVoice, my blog can talk.  (Sadly, it is cursed to repeat my words, as opposed to being able to speak for itself.  Maybe one day artificial intelligence can replace me.)   BuzzVoice enables automated text to speech editing for blogs.   I managed to finagle an invite from my friend John Atkinson to try the beta version of BuzzVoice for publishers.  I have now installed the BuzzVoice widget in the sidebar of my blog, enabling you to listen to my posts as read to you by the same computer voice from another favorite site –

The text to speech recognition is actually quite good.  BuzzVoice does a very nice job of converting my ramblings to audio, and it costs me nothing.  What is really cool is that the BuzzVoice widget makes the content on my site available as a podcast, which visitors can download and listen to at their convenience.

As a creator of content, BuzzVoice is a great tool with the potential to deliver my content to new people in new ways – with very little effort.  As a consumer of content it provides with a convenient option for getting information.  If you find yourself with more unread content than time, their iphone app is well worth $1.99.  My thanks to the BuzzVoice team for making my blog talk.  Now I am tasked with continuing to make sure it has something to say.

Check out BuzzVoice and ask them about getting widget for your site.  Thanks for reading and potentially listening to mine.

What do you think of BuzzVoice?  Do you mind the computer voice?  Will you listen to blogs?  Would you want others to listen to your site?