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Vitamin: recommended daily intake

VitaminHave you been taking your vitamins? No I am not talking about Fred Flintstone, Centrum, or Theragram-M, I am talking about a great resource on the web known as Vitamin. The site is a collaborative effort from many well respected professionals. You can find information about new software, articles on a wide range of topics, and entertaining tidbits that get you thinking. I have been following the site for a few weeks now, via their RSS feed, and have enjoyed it. Below is a link to a great review of the recently released and much adored Google Calendar by Giles Turnbull. He provides some great information about GCAL, and may just convince you to make the switch. I am personally interested in incorporating multiple calendars into my own. I have not played with this much yet, but I can see how it would be helpful. Check it out, and voice your opinion on GCal, Vitamin, or Fred Flintstone by leaving a comment.

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