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Voices Episode 3 – Rod Sommer of the sharpest practitioners of marketing I know is Rod Sommer, a partner with LJB Inc – an architectural, engineering, consulting firm headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Rod has a no nonsense approach to marketing. He defines his philosophy as attraction based marketing. He combines an open mind about technology and its potential with a critical eye on the goal of facilitating growth through person to person contact. Rod believes that while the tools have changed over time, the fundamental principles that drive sales remain consistent. People buy from people they trust, respect, and like. Technology should serve to further this as opposed to “getting in the way.” Rod also runs the sales organization for LJB, and he has a very unique approach to sales. No salespeople. How is that for innovative? Rod also serves as the chair for LJB University, the firm’s employee development and continuing education organization. Rod talks about why employee development is so critical, especially to his business. Additionally, Rod discusses his love for public broadcasting, Marshall Goldsmith, the daily commute, UD, and personal productivity. If you are a salesperson, marketer, or are involved in business to business services in any way, take 20 minutes and listen to what Rod has to say. I know I learned a lot from listening to him, and I bet that you will too. Thanks to Rod Sommer for taking the time to speak to me. I hope you enjoy this latest edition of voices – recorded entirely on my new MacBook Pro, which cut the process down by 80%. To say I am a convert would be an enormous understatement.

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