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Voices Episode 6 – Jason Hillard

How far would you go to help a friend?  Would you be willing to have one of your organs removed to save them?  No, this is not an intro to a party game about difficult questions, this is a real question – one that was posed to Daytonian Jason Hillard.  Listen as I speak to Jason, who is about to donate one of his kidney’s to a friend in need.

I found out about Jason’s act of incredible kindness a few weeks ago, when he sent me an email to let me know that he would be closing down his office for a few weeks as a result of the surgery.  He then went on to explain why, and provided some prelimiary details about the pending operation.  I was floored that he was going to actually do something so kind, and I asked him if he might like to do a podcast to share his story with the rest of the world.  Thankfully he said yes.

On Friday, July 25th, 2008 – just a few days prior to his surgery, Jason and I sat down at his home in Dayton’s Oregon District for a conversation.  For me, it was so inspiring to sit across from this guy, a guy I know pretty well, and see him calmly describe this amazing act of generosity as if it were just another day.  Literally, he told me that he was more nervous about recording a podcast than about the surgery.  He really is an amazing guy.

I encourage you to listen to this podcast, and share Jason’s inspiring story with others you know.  For anyone who needs to restore their belief in the goodness of mankind, look no further than Jason.  Oh, by the way, when he recovers he and his wife, Ann Charles Watts, who is in charge of Habitat for Humanity in the Region, are hoping to become foster parents.  They serve as an example to us all of how to be Servant Leaders.  I am honored to know them.

If you would like to help Jason and his family or just offer some words of support, contact me and I will forward along his information to you.