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Voices – Episode 7: Elizabeth Riley

Elizabeth Riley is one of the most well connected people I know.  She knows how to network; she knows people; and she knows what it takes to run a small business.  Elizabeth and her husband Michael own the West Carrollton based business, Insignia Signs.

In a time and place where the business climate is difficult at best, Elizabeth’s business is enjoying continued growth, largely due to her hard work as a sales professional and her husband’s expertise in the sign business.

In this episode of Voices, I speak with Elizabeth about her secrets for running a successful small business, her involvement in the community, some of trends in her industry, and her outlook on the future of Dayton and the Miami Valley.

Elizabeth and Michael are a great example to two young people who are making things happen in the community.  They prove everyday that “hustle” is a valid and effective strategy for growth.   Thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to do the podcast.   It was a pleasure.