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Run Like Hell, Walk Like Hell…repeat

RunningFor whatever silly reason, I have decided that I need to improve my cardiovascular fitness. Thus I am embarking on a program of running that I came across on the wonderful site, not to be confused with the equally wonderful The program is simple, and involves 30 minutes of walking / jogging a day. In the begining it is weighted much more toward the walking and over the course of 10 weeks evolves into a complete half hour of running. The article is full of other great tips, and is worth reading if you are thinking of getting into better shape. Below is the schedule of walking / running. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you don’t hear from me for a while, assume it did not go so well and come looking for me.

  • 1R , 4W x 6 times. Week 1
  • 1R , 3W x 7 times. Week 2
  • 2R, 3W x 6 times. Week 3
  • 2R, 2W x 7 times. Week 4
  • 3R, 3W x 5 times. Week 5
  • 3R, 2W x 6 times. Week 6
  • 3R, 1W x 7 times. Week 7
  • 4R, 2W x 5 times. Week 8
  • 4R, 1W x 6 times. Week 9
  • FULL Running for 30 minutes.

R = Run, W = Walk,

Total Time = 30 minutes per day

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As always check with your doctor, your wife, your minister your magic 8 ball, and your psychic friends before embarking on a program of rigorous exercise.

Running for Beginners –