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When not getting what you want is good

George MasonImagine my dismay when just over a week ago the brackets were released, and I discovered that my beloved Tarheels and my equally beloved Buckeyes would be playing right up the road at the UD arena. “Why would you be dismayed Dave?” “That sounds like good news.” The dismay came from the price of the tickets and the fact that while on the search for a job, it probably is not a good idea to spend the family nest egg on March Madness. But, I really wanted to go. Instead, I opted to save my money, hang with my family, and try to catch what I could on TV. Thank God! Yesterday was nothing short of a disaster for both teams, and I would have left UD arena a broken man. Sometimes not getting what you want is a good thing. As it stands, I had a great weekend, watched some hoops, and continued my tradition of burning my brackets after week 1. Cinderella is great until she takes your spot in the dance. Oh well, it will be fun to root against Duke, and it keeps me from having to endure CSI Omaha, CSI Topeka, CSI Toledo, Air Force CSI, and Law and Order CSI on the tube. Long live March Madness.
North Carolina Tar Heels, NCAA Division I Mens Basketball, George Mason Patriots – CBS