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Who is Failing Whom?

There is a failure within the educational system in Spingboro.

It is not the teachers of Springboro who get an F. Our schools outperform all Ohio Charter Schools and most Ohio Public Schools. There is plenty of data that shows our teachers deserve an A grade. Nope the F grade is assigned to me. The teachers have not failed me, I have failed them.

I have failed to examine public data and to truly understand how great our schools are. I have failed to challenge those who make cliché negative statements about our teachers and twist statistics about school performance. I have failed to question rumors about teachers being dismissed for expressing themselves. I have failed to attend school board meetings to truly understand what this board of education is trying to do. I have failed to inform my neighbors about the incredible schools we have and the unparalleled value they deliver for our tax dollars. I have failed to publicly support the very people who are preparing my children for the future. For all of this I am sorry. I have failed, but I am not a failure.

The final grades are not in yet. I have a lot of homework to do. That work has begun.

Teachers, I am proud to say I support you, respect you, and I am grateful for you. It’s mind boggling to me that such sentiments upset people in our community and aggravate members of our board.

Supporting successful teachers and schools does not make me a socialist, a communist, or an apologist. It makes me a common sense citizen who appreciates hard work and excellent results.

As a district, we have room to improve. We need to fully fund our educational system. We need to expand our very successful and innovative gifted programs. We need to continue to add AP courses. We need to reduce our class size. We need to make sure every student is fully prepared for life.

How do we do these things? We invest in our teachers and schools. They have shown they can accomplish the amazing. The data clearly supports this. We don’t need a risky, unproven scheme that has delivered inferior educational results, when have an asset proven to deliver exceptional returns – the teachers and schools of Springboro, Ohio.

We talk of protecting our teachers. Yes we must protect them… from our school board. Failing to stand up and protect our teachers is failing our community and failing our children. Failure is no longer an option.


“Boro Pride”