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2 must read posts from Lifehacker

One of my favorite sites on the web is Lifehacker. If you do not have it in your favorites, put it there. Better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed. Either way Lifehacker is a great place to find geeky tools to make life better. There are two recent articles that I would like to mention, because of their usefulness. The first is the Geek to Live: Best Apps of 2005. This article has links and summaries about some of the best tools that have recently been made available. The list includes Mozilla Firefox, G-mail, Bloglines, Yahoo Widgets, Google Maps, Google Earth,, itunes, and more… I found that I am using all of these applications in some form or fashion, and pretty much love them all. All of these applications are excellent, and somewhat widely known, which brings me to the next great Lifehacker post, the Top Underrated Apps of 2005. This list has such great applications as Yahoo Calendar, GTD TiddlyWiki, PowerToys for Windows, Picasa, among others. Both posts are great reading and can provide you with information about many great tools you can use to make your life easier. Others that I would add would be Backpack and TaDa List from 37Signals, of course WordPress, blogger, and Pandora. One recent discover I made was the ability to sync Yahoo Calendar with Outlook through Yahoo’s intellisync tool, making my Outlook portable. That was a huge find for me. I intend to elaborate on ways I use these and other tools in future posts. I am curious to know which of these tools, if any, are you using? Additionally, what others should have made the cut? Voice your opinion with a comment.