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Archives for December 2005

Get Back in the Box

My dear mother bought me a great book for Christmas entitled “Get Back In The Box” by Douglas Rushkoff. I completed in last night, but I actually plan to read it again in about a month – once I have had some time to fully digest the content. Rushkoff covers a wide range of topics […]

Thanks to InBubbleWrap!!!

I love to win things! I especially love to win books, because I also love to read. Along comes inbubblewrap which now I love as well. This site gives away free books every day! All that is asked of you is to answer 2 typically off-beat questions. I have won a couple free books now, […]

If you build it…

I have been working on enhancing voice. I have been playing with the free WordPress interface quite a bit. I am really excited about what I have been able to accomplish thus far. I have added links to some of my favorite sites, RSS subscription buttons, and even a “subscribe by eMail link.” I also […]

2 must read posts from Lifehacker

One of my favorite sites on the web is Lifehacker. If you do not have it in your favorites, put it there. Better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed. Either way Lifehacker is a great place to find geeky tools to make life better. There are two recent articles that I would like to mention, […]

Thank you to the blogosopher

My first Thank You goes out to David Esrati, the blogosopher. David provided me with a tip the other day about WordPress, the tool I am using to build this site, offering a free version of their software. This then got me interested in checking it out for myself. From there, my mind began racing, […]

One per week

What better way to use my voice than in the form of giving thanks to others? Because so much of what I experience and enjoy about life is the result of someone else’s efforts, the least I can do is show people some gratitude. With that in mind, I am going to attempt to send […]