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Archives for January 2006

Flipping the Funnel

Looking for something to read? Seth Godin has an excellent e-book entitled Flipping the Funnel available for free download on his site or from the link below. It is an excellent book. If you have never read his stuff before, it is a great way to check out his writing. The book references, Flickr, […]

“Like a phone without a ringer”

People often ask me, “Where do you get the time to find all the things you talk about on your blog?” The real answer is I don’t find it, it finds me; via RSS. I love to pimp RSS (Really Simple Syndication). It is the way I typically navigate the web, and has broadend my […]

Jack Johnson and Curious George

This is an example of what I see as true synergy for a father. Jack Johnson doing the soundtrack for the upcoming Curious George movie. Let me explain. My daughter just turned two. Last Halloween she dressed up as Curious George and I was the Man with the Yellow Hat. We had a great time […]

You may be asking yourself, “why the heck did he write the word delicious with all those periods in the title?” If so than than this post is for you. is a social bookmarking web site, or actually a community of them. allows users to “Tag” web pages that they enjoy or find […]

Best College Beer? Friday Fun Poll

Sad but true, but on a bad week in college I probably drank more beer that I now consume annually. What makes a great college beer? Cheap, 17th one goes down as smooth as the first, comes back up smooth, goes down smooth again. The question is “What is THE quintessential college beer?” Natural Light […]

Audacity: Free Recording Software

Hot on the heels of my waxing poetic about the good old days of making music with Derek and Dustin, I submit this post about the fantastic free audio recording software Audacity. This software can be installed and downloaded easily, and allows you to record virtually anything. The software has multi-tracking capablilities, built in effects, […]

Thank You: D Wade & D Wade

This week’s thank you post was inspired by a meeting I was involved in this morning. I was asked to introduce myself and tell the group something about me that they probably did not know. I volunteered the fact that from 8th grade through college and for a couple years beyond, I was the lead […]

Small Is the New Big!

Seth Godin is releasing a new book at the end of the summer entitled Small is the New Big – also the title of one of Seth’s best posts. The book will be a collection of some of the best rants and observations posted over the last few years on Seth’s blog, one of the […]

Five decidedly un-super supergroups

5ives is an entertaining site updated somewhat sporadically by Merlin Mann, also of 43 folders.  It consists of lists of 5 things related to a topic.  He recently posted a list of 5 decidedly un-super supergroups– a perfect assessment in my book.  I frequently find myself laughing at these lists, and thought you might enjoy […]

White Castle: “Make Superbowl Monday a Holiday!”

Thanks to Adrants for pointing me to this gem from White Castle.  In their latest marketing push, White Castle is encouraging people to take the day after the Superbowl off of work- creating a new de facto holiday.  You can even sign a petition to legitimize the day.  Take it from me, if you sit […]