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Archives for February 2006

Dayton AMA on Squidoo

Over the past year I have been serving the Dayton chapter of the American Marketing Association as Vice President of Marketing Communications. One of the first things I did was create the Dayton AMA blog site, making the Dayton AMA one of the first to join the blogosphere. The site has been very successful, and […]

NBC Presents “The Olympics via RSS”

RSS, RSS, always with the RSS… NBC is on the RSS train with their coverage of the Olympics. You can obtain a newsfeed for any and every event in the winter olympics. WHAT??? NBC will automatically tell you what is happening, when it happens, without telling you about a bunch of sports you could care […]

Can I quit now? Sarcasm and e-mail

Earlier this week I posted about a study that showed how difficult it can be for people to detect sarcasm in an e-mail message. I was reminded of this fact this morning when listening to NPR‘s Morning Edition. The story, which is linked to below, was about former FEMA director Michael Brown, and his role […]

Friday Fun Poll: What’s on TV?

Following my rant about “a la carte cable“ I offer today’s Friday Fun Poll. Some would say that what you watch on television mirrors who you are as a person. If that is so, can you be described by a grouping of channels? Choose the grouping of networks that most closely resembles you as a […]

Cable TV a la carte?

I love to watch television. I can recite lines from decades of shows, tell you the names of obscure actors, and outline virtually every episode of Cheers given a quick hint of the episode in question. That being said the following may come as a shock. I do not have cable television. (or sattelite, or […]

Buying, Selling, Refinancing? Check out Zillow

For most of you, your home is your largest investment.  Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a property, it is critical to know the market value of your home. can give you a great starting point for estimating the current value of your home.  The site has an easy to use interface, and […]

Thank You Jack Johnson

I love to thank people who make my life better.  This week, with the release of the Curious George Soundtrack, I would like to thank Jack Johnson.  I bought the CD yesterday, and my family and I had a blast listening to it last night.  We played it over and over again, happily dancing around […]

Why Firefox? How about Grocery List Extension

Once a week I sit down to write up a grocery list, and I tell my wife, ” I need to create some type of spreadsheet or something so I can save time by avoiding re-writing lists, remember what I actually need, and then have it organized in a way that keeps me from traversing […]

Internet Explorer 7 (looks a lot more like Firefox)

Alright, so you are not sure if Firefox is for you. You are used to using Internet Explorer. You are just more comfortable with Microsoft, or you have never felt the need to explore your web browsing options. Well, at the very least, you should download the new Internet Explorer 7. What is IE7 like? […]

New federal rules make job hunting online trickier

Our government proves its ineptitude once again with new rules that make hunting for a job online more difficult. Who thought this was a good idea? If you are looking for a new job, read the article below. It is important to follow the new guidelines. New federal rules will make job hunting online trickier […]