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Archives for March 2006

David E. Bowman Squidoo Lens a hit!

Was it a good idea to build a lens on about me and my search for employment?  Well thus far the answer would be "Yes."  Launched just days ago, is currently ranked  #125 in popularity.  To add perspective to that, there are reportedly about 20,000 lenses currently up and running in Squidoo, so […]

InBubbleWrap: WINNER!

Well I may not have a job right now, but I will be able to spend some of my time off reading  my free copy of  Paul Ardin's "Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite," thanks to This marks my third time in the IBW winners circle, and I must say that it feels just […]

Amazing Juggling Finale – Google Video

Thanks to my friend D Wade for passing along this video. Check out this guy, Chris Bliss,  juggling to the end of Abbey Road. As a fan of the Fab Four, juggling, and creativity, I must say "Great Show!" Google Video, You Tube and the like make sharing this stuff so easy, the real question […]

Squidoo : David E. Bowman

The job search has created another first for me, with the creation of my new lens on Squidoo. Will the site be the key to helping me find the job of my dreams? I don't know, but it sure can't hurt. The site has a wealth of information about me, my career, my interests, and […]

Give Firefox a Try!

Why Firefox?  Well the answer to that question is different for everyone.  The reason I chose to use Firefox was out of simple human curiosity. I had seen it recommended, and thought I'll give it a shot. I was not unhappy with Internet Explorer. How could I have been, because I had never used anything […]

When not getting what you want is good

Imagine my dismay when just over a week ago the brackets were released, and I discovered that my beloved Tarheels and my equally beloved Buckeyes would be playing right up the road at the UD arena. “Why would you be dismayed Dave?” “That sounds like good news.” The dismay came from the price of the […] The PitBull Paradox

Malcolm Gladwell has a great post on his blog about the danger of statistics. He has an uncanny ability to look at a situation or problem from a unique angle, and he demonstrates it again in “The Pit Bull Paradox.” Are Pit Bulls more dangerous? I have a friend who has one that is a […]


Yesterday I put together a newsletter composed of recent blog postings from “voice” and sent it to many of my friends.  I wanted to remind people of what I am up to, and to give them a chance to share it with others.  I think that it was pretty well received.  To put it together, […]

The World is Flat

I just completed reading The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman, and I recommend it to anyone who is literate.  This book is a fascinating look at some of the most important trends and events of the last decade.  It paints a very different picture of the future world.  While Friedman is not a doomsday […]

Oh how I miss bracketology!

One of the worst things about being downsized out of your job in the spring is that you miss out on the brackets for March Madness. While I am no gambler, I love to fill out the brackets, and follow my predictions to their disasterous end. Typically I am done by the end of day […]