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Archives for June 2006

Betty Butterfield – Superstar!

Brilliant! Thank you Lord for Google Video, and thanks to my sister Beck for the link to Betty Butterfield. Watch as Betty describes her visit to the Scientology church. There are several more of these short videos out there, but I have not had time to watch them yet. (must keep working…must keep working…almost 5:00…must […]

Is RSS Missing a P?

Place: The Missing P in RSS I continue to read article after article about RSS. These articles ponder why RSS, a superior product to say e-mail or general bumping around the web, with a free price, and no shortage of cheerleaders has not “caught on” more with the general public. Most people who actually use […]

“The Hoff” or What the Hell is this Crap Beavis?

Mike Judge, If you are listening I beg of you. Bring back Beavis and Butthead with the sole mission of watching this David Hasselhoff video. Butthead – “What the hell is this crap Beavis?” Beavis – “Aaaaaahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Make it stop, ahhhh.” Butthead – “This guy sucks.” Google video is truly one of the great […]

2 Groups, 1 Goal, & 9 (plus 2) Tips

As a marketing geek coming out of two weeks of sales training, this post from Seth Godin’s blog rings very true in my world. The integration of sales and marketing is so important – and sadly so rare. It seems that though these two groups share the goal of generating revenue, something always manages to […]

The Meadowlark Restaurant: Purple Cow on a Buttered Toasted Roll

Attention all Dayton, Ohio chowhounds. For a remarkable dining experience, you have got to check out the Meadowlark Restaurant. The atmosphere is great, the people are friendly, and the food is top notch. I had originally heard of the restaurant a few weeks ago while I was driving to work. The Meadowlark sponsors NPR’s Morning […]

2007 Microsoft Office Beta FREE!

Say what you will about the folks from Redmond, WA, but most of us still use their software to get things accomplished. So like it or not, when Microsoft updates its programs it is big news, and so I pass this along to you today. Microsoft has made a free beta version of Office 2007 […]

Moore Knowledge: The Tribe Speaks!

One of my favorite sites on the web is John Moore's blog, Brand Autopsy. On his site, John provides regular doses of real and relevant marketing advice. Much of the information he is kind enough to share he gleaned from his days of working at Starbucks and at Whole Foods – two companies you might […]

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

It's Friday afternoon and you are staring aimlessly out of the window praying for the weekend to come. Face it, you are not working. Want something fun to do, that will not get you in trouble by those in charge of monitoring your web traffic? (company big brother) Try 55 Ways to have fun with […]

Screech in need of Scratch

I could not resist posting something about this story from USA Today.  It seems Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Screech from the show "Saved by the Bell," is selling T-shirts to keep his home out of foreclosure.  Was this taken from a leftover script of the show?  He is trying to sell 30,000 shirts at $15.00 each […]

Score a Backstage Pass at Pandora!

Just days ago I was telling you to check out, what I consider to be one of the treasures of the Internet. The amazing music site has since updated its interface, making it even more fun use. First, Pandora made it easier to give songs the thumb up or down, the feature that helps […]