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Archives for July 2006

Blogosopher – Winner of the “Golden Bowler”

I would like to congratulate David Esrati, from The Next Wave, as winner of the 2006 Golden Bowler Award for his work on The Blogosopher Seminar. David has provided a great educational seminar to the Dayton community, and here at Voice, we feel the need to recognize his work. By the way, this is the […]

For Faster Service, Wait Until Wednesday?

Having AT&T Yahoo DSL is one of the greatest cures ever for writer’s block. Their laughable customer service regularly provides me with material for this blog and hence I offer the latest chapter of the ongoing story provided by AT&T Yahoo DSL. This chapter began in May with my reluctant renewal of service. I decided […]

GDrive coming soon?

Google may be changing the way you look at computing yet again with GDrive.  What the hell is GDrive?   It appears to be network storage delivered to you Google style – huge amounts of storage accessible from anywhere with internet access.  In short, GDrive would turn any computer into your computer.  Store all your […]

Finding Flow

Recently, I have found myself very interested in the concept of “Flow” and the works of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  Flow is the state that one experiences when totally immersed in the moment – much like an athlete or a musician.  In this state time and space are altered.  Hours pass in what seems to be minutes, […]


As a young boy, if you said 33 I immediately thought of Larry Bird. His greatness on the court was captivating and inspiring. I will never forget Bird stealing the inbounds pass and propelling the Celtics to victory against the Pistons in the NBA playoffs. As I got older and my imaginary prospects of an […]