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Archives for August 2006

Great Marketing Begins at Yes

On her blog, Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra brilliantly compares full color company brochures with boring, black & white user manuals to illustrate the need for placing greater marketing focus on the existing customer. For whatever reason acquisition seems to trump retention. Quantity trumps quality. Immediate return trumps long term growth. Perhaps this is because […]

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure…

Remember that line from the Beatles song “If you want it, here it is, come and get it.”  Well that pretty much sums up a wonderful website I recently discovered called  I heard about the site last Friday while listening to All Things Considered on WYSO.  Freecycle allows you to give unwanted items to […]

How Great Service Leads to Sales: Tire Discounters

Yesterday my wife’s car surprisingly got a flat tire. It had been parked in the garage for a few days, seemingly fine, but must have been slowly leaking.  She called me after she discovered it yesterday afternoon, so I came home from work a little early to get it repaired. I jacked up the car, […]

Invisible KOOL-AID Clearly Fantastic

Sometimes the way to make a product better is not to add more to it, but to take something away. That is just what Kraft foods has brilliantly done with KOOL-AID Invisible. Growing up, the only objection I remember adults consistently having to drinking KOOL-AID had nothing to do with my consumption of it, but […]

Sure the Ketchup is Fancy, But Check Out the Label!

Want to learn about the future of product marketing? Check out Heinz is offering personalized labels for their ketchup bottles. While the price is a little steep, (6 bucks a bottle) it is a brilliant idea.  Why would someone want this? Why not? As someone who has worked in a restaurant, I can tell […]

Zen Like – What does that even mean?

About a month ago I drove past this sign. It was in the front yard of a home that was for sale (It may still be, I don’t know). The home sits at a very busy intersection – the crossroads of two state routes adjacent to the interstate and across from a shopping center. A […]

Change Your Mind

Looking for inspiration?  Seeking new ideas?  Hate to spend money?  Check out  Once a month ChangeThis publishes a handful of insightful “manifestos” which can be downloaded as PDF files for free.   Some manifestos are written by well established authors while others are penned by aspiring newcomers.  For example this month’s issue features a […]

Not that I would use something like this…

Now I am sure that everyone reading this post would never have a problem with a web page they want to view at work being blocked.  I realize that you are all probably far too busy filling out reports, maximizing revenue, and creating value for the shareholders, but on the off chance that you have […]

6 Reasons to Try Writely

Writely is awesome. There are so many great things that are built right into it that can save you time, reduce your headaches, and increase your productivity. Here are 6 things that immediately caught my attention. 1. Hello GDdrive: A few weeks ago I wrote about the potential release of Gdrive, an online storage service […]

Get Access to Writely

Check out this site for your invitation to join Writely, Google’s free, web based word processing tool. Writely appears to have all the basic functionality of Word, and also allows you to upload documents to the web, share them with others, and post them on the net – either privately or publically. I can’t wait […]