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Archives for September 2006

Distorting the System

As part of my studies in the University of Dayton, I recently completed a wonderful book by Don Wheeler entitled Understanding Variation. The book is only 151 pages long, and is full of brilliant observations and theories. One of Wheeler’s points is that There are 3 Ways to meet a goal. 1. Improve the system. […]

Jack Johnson Music Video Gallery

Jack Johnson is one of my favorite musicians. He writes simple, melodic songs that are meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful. Periodically, I will stop by his site, to see what Jack is up to, and to find out when his next project will be released. I recently discovered a new section on the site containing […]

Are you LinkedIn?

If you believe it is true that it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts, than you need to check out LinkedIn. My friend Doug Dockery invited me to LinkedIn a while back. I went ahead and created an account, but really did nothing more with it. Yesterday, they sent me a […]

The Shoes Do Say Something About The Man

Last week my friend and co-worker D Wade stopped by the cube to tell me all about Steve and Barry’s. He was excited because Steve and Barry’s is an athletic apparel retail chain with a remarkable story, one that is easily retold and meaningful – one which he wanted to tell me. The company grabbed […]

Where does your tax money go?

I am a huge fan of graphs. They make information so much easier for my feeble brain to digest. Well done graphs provide context that sheer numerical information simply can not. With that, I feel compelled to share an incredible graphical depiction of the Federal Budget. Want to see a high level picture of where […]

Google Adds Tabs To Personalized Homepage

I love the personalized Google Homepage. It allows you to add content to the familiar stark white Google home page. I use it to see the weather, view my calendar, and preview incoming Gmail messages. The personalized homepage has many other great modules. However the problem I have faced is that by adding modules, the […]