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Archives for March 2007

Cowbell in the air?

In addition to working diligently to maximize revenue for my employer, I was talking with one of my coworkers yesterday about Cowbell.  Specifically MORE COWBELL.  We were laughing out loud about the April 2000 SNL skit about Blue Oyster Cult featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken.  I can not believe that skit is 7 years […]

20 Something Sales Rep

A good friend of mine who shall be identified only as K Lew, recently started a blog called 20 Something Sales Rep. He is still feeling out the blogosphere, aren’t we all, but already his post are great. He has a candid take on the world that is honest, educated, and humorous all that the […]

The KR 500

Kenton Ridge High School has always been a hotbed of baseball talent.  The small school just north of Springfield, Ohio has turned out 3 major league starting pitchers over the past 2 decades – Dave Burba, Dustin Hermanson, and Rick White – and is always a contender to win their league.   One constant over the […]

Tribal Knowledge Coming to Dayton

John Moore, author of Tribal Knowledge, and owner of the wonderful blog Brand Autopsy is coming to Dayton, Ohio to speak to the American Marketing Association on April 11th, 2007. If you are in marketing, think you might like to be in marketing, want to learn about marketing, or wonder how your business should approach […]

Our Place is a Cool Space

Bill Pote is the organizer of a great local site called Dayton Most Metro. The site is full of Dayton related content, with sections devoted to local entertainment, businesses, real estate, news, and more. I recently discovered it and promptly placed a link to it on my Squidoo lens, Dayton Marketing Community. Well lo and […]

Why Dayton Marketing Community on Squidoo?

In addition to maintaining this site, voice, I also maintain a site on called Dayton Marketing Community. The site is designed to serve as a resource for Marketing Professionals in the Dayton, Ohio area. It has job postings that are updated every 1/2 hour, a calendar of events featuring the latest happenings around town, […]

Google Bus Stop – Themes

While scrolling through Lifehacker today, I came across this post about a fun new addition to the Personalized Google Homepage – Themes.    Google is now offering 6 customized themes that you can apply to dress up your version of Google.  While they are not earth shattering designs, they are a fun way to liven […]

“Hey, don’t you write a blog called Voice?”

This is a story of one of the strangest, and most enjoyable, things to happen to me in quite some time – and it happened today. This morning I had the delight of hearing Rashad Young address the Dayton Chamber. The event was literally standing room only, as the room was filled with local business […]

Want to Expand Your Network? Look in to

When you think of networking and the web, social sites like Friendstr, Facebook, and MySpace probably come to mind. These sites tend to cater to teens and twenty-somethings looking to make friends and simply have fun on the net. They are all about connecting and building a network, but not really in a professional sense. […]

Tar Heel Mania

It’s that time of year again – March Madness. With yesterday’s victory, and season sweep, by UNC over Duke, I am in full tournament mode. My Wright State Raiders may even make it to the dance this year- something that has not happened since the early 90’s. Less than a week until we all begin […]