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Archives for April 2007

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Keep Momentum Rolling…Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Downtown

Sorry about the “Rawhide” headline, but I have seen the “Blues Brothers” a few hundred too many times in my short life and any time I hear a phrase phrase with “rolling” in it my mind conjures up images of Jake and Elwood’s Country and Western rendition of the tune. But I digress. I was […]

Keep Your Lawn Green and Your Mower Clean

Spring has finally sprung here in Ohio which means that it is time to mow the lawn. Recently, I busted out my new push mower, strapped on the ipod, and went to work. It was nice to be able to walk around and listen to some tunes in the fresh spring air. There is nothing […]

Tell me something good

Check out this new option for the Google toolbar that will suggest sites you might like based on other searches and sites you visit.  Very nice. Official Google Blog: Searching without a query

Leave Them Wanting Moore

What a day I had last Wednesday. Not only did I get to meet one of my favorite authors, bloggers, and marketing thought leaders, I got to listen to him deliver 2 great speeches and co-present with him. John Moore was kind enough to come to Dayton last week, and I can not tell you […]

Parking Lot Etiquette…Cross the damn street already!

Seemingly every time I drive through a parking lot now, I am subjected to people who refuse to get out of the way of traffic. Actually, I think they are oblivious to it. You know who I’m talking about, right? These people amble about, not even noticing the 50 cars waiting for them to get […]

Note to Self…

“Note to self…tell the people you know about” Occasionally even my feeble mind comes up with an idea that is worth capturing. More often than not, this occurs as I am behind the wheel of my car, with no pen, no computer, and no ability to do anything but repeat the idea to myself […]

What’s the 411? Call Google and Find Out

I just tried Google Voice Local Search for the first time, and it is amazing.  It is basically 411 for free using Google to search for you.  You simply call 1-800-GOOG-411, follow the prompts for location and business name, and then it gives you information and will connect you to the number for FREE.  Even […]

New Feature on Dayton Marketing Community

The Dayton Marketing Community is a website that I maintain. It is part of Seth Godin’s Squidoo project. It has a wealth of information about Marketing and the Gem City, including job postings, business news, links to area professional organizations, a calendar of events, and more. Today I added a new feature to the site […]

Marketing Braketology by Brand Autopsy

Yes this is another post about John Moore, but I promise that I won’t talk about his upcoming gig here in Dayton. This is about something cool I found on his site Brand Autopsy last week – Marketing Bracketology. John did his own version of March Madness by polling his readers to determine the National […]

Look Ma, I’m in the Paper!

I made it into the Dayton Daily today.  No, I am not in the arrest or conviction section.   I was quoted by reporter Kristin McAllister in her story about Ohio EPA director Chris Korleski.  We were both in attendance at his speech to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce yesterday, and I happened to be seated […]