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Archives for May 2007


I frequently use a check card to make purchases. It seems that no matter where I use it, I am steered to use it as a debit card – which costs me money. In order to use it as a check card I am forced to follow some ridiculous series of steps like “hit cancel, […]

Mourning Subtraction – WMUB Funding Cut

Dayton is blessed with 2 public radio gems, WYSO 91.3, and WMUB 88.5.  These stations pretty much cover the extent of my regular FM radio listening.   WMUB features great programming from NPR, just like most public radio stations, but also has great local shows like Free Advice,  The Help Desk, and WMUB Forum.  Most notably, […]

Even MORE New on Squidoo – Calender 2.0

In addition to the recently added links to the Dayton Marketing Community Squidoo Page, there is an updated version of the Google Calendar.  This new module replaces the 2 old Calendar modules by displaying the actual calendar right there on the page.  I hope this makes life a little easier for those of you utilizing […]

New on My Squidoo…More Links

I received an email from the good folks at Squidoo yesterday stating that additional enhancements are on the way.  I am anxious to see what these changes are all about.  In the meantime, I have a few enhancements of my own to tell you about.   I have added 2 new links to the Dayton […]

Voice Hits 30K on the 1st of May

Today, passed the 30k mark in hits.  I am amazed, thrilled, delighted, and thankful to all who have visited the site.  While there are thousands of sites that draw that kind of traffic several times over every day, I am thrilled that my modest offering of posts has been able to steadily evolve and […]