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Archives for December 2007

More 2007 Greatness: Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals – Lifeline

For well over a decade Ben Harper has been pushing the boundaries of music. He regularly experiments with genres and styles, all the while, bringing his own signature soulful sound to the mix. In 2007 Ben hooked up with his longtime band, the Innocent Criminals, and released “Lifeline”. This album comes on the heels of […]

Making the Cut (and Paste) – Kwout

Thanks, yet again, to Lifehacker for the tip on the awesome web based cut and paste tool, Kwout. With Kwout, you simply place a bookmark, which they provide for you on their site, in your toolbar, and then when you see an image or piece of a web site that you want to grab click […]

Milk Fortified with Vitamin G – Remember the Milk integrates with Gmail

I was scanning the latest posts from the Google Operating System blog today only to realize that Remember the Milk – an awesome, web based, task management tool – now has the ability to integrate directly into Gmail. It looks as this is the first step towards integrating task management into Gmail, which hopefully will […]

End Package Rage with a Can Opener

One of the best Christmas gifts I received this year came in the form of a blog post from Lifehacker. As a dad, I am tasked with the unenviable task of opening presents for my children. This typically results in spilled coffee, wounded appendages, swearing, and other less than ideal Christmas parenting moments. Besides the […]

Berry Christmas: Google Sync

Before the iphone, we were the “cool kids.” You know us, we’re BlackBerry owners. Well as we BlackBerry users wait for our contracts to expire and iphone prices to continue to fall, here is a great new application from Google. It is Google Sync – a free program that keeps the Blackberry Calendar in sync […]

Favorite Things 2007 Continued: Wincing the Night Away: The Shins

2007 was a great year for new music for me.  One of the records that got a lot of play in the ipod was Wincing the Night Away, by The Shins.  The album is an innovative rock masterpiece.  It led me to purchase the other 2 albums by the band, Chutes Too Narrow, and Oh […]

Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio

 Last Friday, I was named as the newest member of the board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio.  I am honored to be part of the organization, and I look forward to making a positive difference in the lives of those afflicted with Epilepsy.   This group has a special meaning to me.  Gone […]

Impossible Germany, Incredible Band…Wilco

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky – Favorite Things 2007 While working today, I had Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky playing in the background. What an amazing album. Truly one of the musical gems of 2007 if not of the modern era of rock. As I type this, I am listening to the amazing guitar solo on “Impossible […]

MBA Hooray!

Yesterday I completed the MBA program at the University of Dayton. What an experience. I have learned so much, met so many wonderful people, and pushed myself further than I ever thought possible. The whole experience has been life changing, and I am so glad that I made the decision to embark on accomplishing this […]

Higer Price, Less Service…

I do not ride the bus, nor do I plan on it any time soon. My job requires a considerable amount of local travel, often without much notice. My car is basically an office on wheels. Thus, I am not particularly well suited for mass transit – so take this as solely the outside, uneducated […]