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Archives for January 2008

Employee Recruiting: Kicking it Up a Notch

Imagine the following: You are happily working at your desk. The phone rings. You pick it up to hear an unfamiliar voice say “Hey (your name).” “Google is interested in interviewing you for a job.” You are flattered, but say “Thanks, but I really enjoy working here at (your business name).” The voice then responds […]

I blog for a living…

Ask me on Monday what I do, and I will answer “I blog for a living.” Starting next week, I will be in charge of Marketing for Lucrum, a Cincinnati based Information Technology consulting firm. I am leaving Hafenbrack Marketing with a head full knowledge, and countless fond memories. Hafenbrack is truly the best place […]

What’s Up Docs? Google Uploader

Yet another step closer to the long awaited “GDrive” Google released a tool to ease the process of uploading documents from your computer desktop to Google Docs. The new tool allows one to drag and drop word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations right into your Google Docs account. The types of files you can upload […]

Pizza, Dayton Style…

I love to eat pizza. All kinds of it. As an undergrad at Wright State, I worked at Flying Pizza, where they were kind enough to let me take home a big box of slices every night. I lived on the stuff and love it to this day. As it happens, Southwestern Ohio is home […]

Voices: Episode 2 – David Esrati

The name of the podcast is Voices, and frankly there are not many people I know more vocal than David Esrati. David, never at a loss for words, sat down to speak with me about what makes Dayton great, the role of the city in the broader region, his run for congress, the impact of […]

“Get Midwest”…Do you get it?

A lot of discussion on Dayton MostMetro and on Esrati about the new “Get Midwest” campaign by the Dayton Development Coalition. This marketing campaign is designed to attract businesses to locate in the region, thus creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. Some argue that Get Midwest is too vague. Some say too safe. Others that […]

Phone it in: Goog-411

Google is great. You can use it to find just about any piece of information ever produced. But, what is one to do when information is needed and a computer is not handy? Simple, just call in your search. Dial 1-800-GOOG-411, and get connected to whatever business, organization, or service you are searching for. Google […]

Are You Curious? Seth is.

This video comes from Seth Godin’s blog. It is a 5 minute discussion on curiosity. I am an ever curious person, and this really resonates with me. I encourage you to watch this short video. Seth Godin writes about marketing, but speaks about life and a changing world view. One of the points made about […]

Remembering Dr. King in Dayton

Today I was privileged enough to march in Dayton’s Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration. I was joined by thousands of others who braved the cold to pay tribute to Dr. King, and the impact he had made on our world. Dayton has a unique event featuring four separate marches, one from each direction, which converge […]


The list of concerts I have been to is long, but surprisingly does not include U2. Sadly, I have never been able to catch the “Irish Band from Dublin City, Ireland” live and in person. I hope to one day rectify that, but in the mean time – good news. U2 is releasing U23D, an […]