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Archives for March 2008

What’s In A Name?

I am named after both of my Grandfathers – My father’s father David and Edwin, my mother’s father. I am very proud of my heritage. My father’s father, who actually went by his middle name Carl, owned Bowman Hardware in Marshall, North Carolina. I knew him as Papa Carl, and loved going to Marshall a […]

What’s Next in Marketing?

Check out this great slide show from Paul Isakson on the Future of Marketing and Advertising. In this series of slides, Paul captures the essence of where I believe marketing is headed. It is about listening, using insight to solve problems, and finding ways to create the remarkable. The hard part is not in identifying […]

The March Madness Myth

I recently read in the Dayton Business Journal that according to a recent study conducted by a Chicago based consulting firm, March Madness costs companies$1.7 Billion. Really? Does anyone really believe this to be the case. I don’t. I suppose if we all still worked on assembly lines, and then spent the day mindlessly consuming […]

Are You Aware? Take the Test

I always thought that I had a decent sense of awareness. That is, until I got this awareness test video from my brother in law, Geoff – an avid cyclist. If you have not seen this, please watch this short video clip where you are asked to count the number of passes made by the […]

PancakesPancakes, SuccessSuccess, ThanksThanks

Last Saturday, March 22nd, the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio put on a pancake breakfast fund raising event. It was a huge success. I was very moved by the outpouring of support I received from family, friends, and colleagues who attended, donated, and supported this. Over 170 people sacrificed their free time and hard earned […]

Voices Episode 3 – Rod Sommer

One of the sharpest practitioners of marketing I know is Rod Sommer, a partner with LJB Inc – an architectural, engineering, consulting firm headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Rod has a no nonsense approach to marketing. He defines his philosophy as attraction based marketing. He combines an open mind about technology and its potential with a […]

Productivity, Commuting, and Cincinnati Metro

Why would I ride the bus? Why would anyone with a working automobile choose to ride the bus for that matter. The automobile offers freedom, flexibility, and autonomy – not to mention music, news, heat, and comfort. Public transit authorities have tried “save the air” as a marketing message, but that is too big a […]

Schiffler Shines at Breakfast Briefing

The Dayton Chamber Breakfast Briefing is one of the best professional events in Dayton, or anywhere for that matter. It is a permanent part of my schedule. Month after month, this series delivers the best speakers and the best audience for a great speech and a great meal. Today took it up to a whole […]

Google Calendar Launches Outlook Sync Tool

Finally… Outlook and GCal can play nice with each other. I love Google Calendar, but when your office uses Outlook as a way to see when you are free for meetings, it is tough to keep things straight – until now. Google has finally developed a tool to sync the Google Calendar with Outlook – […]

Ideal Ideas or No Idea? Creative Class Dayton

Over on Dayton OS, Greg Hunter published a post about the 5 ideas that the Creative Class Dayton came up with following a recent 2 day meeting they held. There is also a story about it in the Dayton Daily News. The group is working with author and scholar Richard Florida to develop ways to […]