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Archives for September 2008

Crash Course in New Marketing at UD

Professor Irene Dickey, one of my favorite instructors from the University of Dayton, emailed me earlier this week to inform me about a very interesting upcoming event at UD – SPEED Marketing: 10 HOT Marketing Ideas Presented to YOU by Senior UD Marketing Students. The event sounds like it will be a lot of fun […]

The Physics of Marketing – Huygens’ Principle

You would think that if you did something like discover the rings of Saturn, discover Saturn’s largest moon – Titan – and then go on to invent and patent the first pendulum clock, that you would be a household name.  Now assume you not only did all those things, AND also collaborated with Robert Hooke, […]

Joey’s Monster Ball

One of my wife’s very good friends Molly passed along a link to this site,, which was put together by one of her friends Rachael Cross.   Rachael is a young mother whose infant son Joey is terminally ill with Tay-Sachs disease. I have personally never met Rachael or her son Joey, but I […]

Complimenting My Guitar…

On Sunday, WalMart complimented my guitar, while Target did not.  Those who have heard me play would probably ask “why anyone would compliment my guitar?” No I am not talking about the “nice playing” type of compliment, but rather the idea of selling complimentary products.  This concept was illustrated to me over the weekend as […]

Thank You Wyoming!

If Google Analytics is to be believed my site has now been visited by at least one person in each of the 50 United States.  For months now, Wyoming has been the lone hold out to visit  Last week, a Wyomingite was kind enough to drop by, if only for a few seconds, and […]

Health Care as Economic Stimulus?

I am not an expert on the subject of Health Care Coverage, nor will I pretend to be.   However, a thought has been running through my head for a week or two now, and I thought I would float it out for discussion.   Could access to health care coverage through some entity other […]

No Power

Yesterday a major storm blew (literally) through Ohio, knocking out power far and wide across the state, my home included. The storm was particularly strange in that for a good part of the time, it was sunny and warm outside as fierce winds ripped off roofs, uprooted trees, and generally created havoc. It was an […]

Voices – Episode 8: Artie Isaac

In this episode of Voices, I speak with Artie Isaac – marketing strategist, founder of Young Isaac, and professor at The Ohio State University and Columbus College of Art and Design.  Among other things, Mr. Isaac teaches MBA students at The Ohio State University how to be more creative. According to Artie Isaac, creativity is […]

How Bout’ Them Apples?

As a kid, one of my favorite parts about late summer / fall in Ohio was going to an orchard to get fresh apples.  A few weekends ago I got to introduce my kids to this tradition when we visited Crossroad Orchard, located on State Route 725 just West of Miamisburg, Ohio. We had a […]

The Physics of Marketing – Newton’s Theory of Color

It never occurred to me that someone invented the color wheel, but in fact Isaac Newton did just that and more with his Theory of Color.  Newton used prisms to show that white light was actually made by a combination of the “ROY G BIV” colors of the rainbow.  At that time there were varying […]