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Archives for November 2008

The Physics of Marketing – Snell’s Law

Willebrord Snellius saw the light.  Well actually he saw the light do funny things, and then went on to describe why it was so.  The output was Snell’s Law, which describes how light travels at different speeds through different substances.  Ever wonder why that drinking straw looks different in the glass of water than it […]

Google Flu Trends

I saw this story last week, and meant to put up a post about it, but alas it was lost in the shuffle.  Having sorted through said shuffle this morning, I thought I would go ahead and put up a brief “better late than never” post anyhow. has now added the ability to track […]

Proof That It’s Christmas Time

Christmas comes early this year.  How do I know that?  Why would I make such a claim Pre-Thanksgiving and Pre-OSU v. Michigan?  Well, on today’s trip to the Dorothy Lane Market I discovered proof that the holidays are here – Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale. This is one of the most delicious beers I […]

LinkedIn Offering Cool New Tools

LinkedIn is a great tool for research, networking, and keeping tabs on professionals you know.  Some recent additions to the platform have made it even better – applications and company information.  These new features have been out for a couple weeks now, and they are very easy to utilize and can deliver some great results. […]

Can I Get Your e-Autograph?

Your autograph can help people with epilepsy.  The Epilepsy Foundation is circulating an online petition  with the purpose of increasing awareness and encouraging lawmakers to support research and legislation that can improve the lives of those with epilepsy. By simply taking 30 seconds to visit the epilepsy foundation website and sign the online petition, you […]