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Archives for January 2009

The Physics of Marketing – Bragg’s law

Born in 1890, William Lawrence Bragg was the son of a  Sir William Henry Bragg, a professor of science and mathematics.  So in his work, William Lawrence Bragg was simply carrying on the family business.  In 1915 the two father and son  shared a Nobel Prize for their work which involved using X-rays to analyze […]

Uncle Rico

I saw a commercial last week for one of my favorite films, the cult classic comedy Napoleon Dynamite.  In addition to making me laugh, the commercial set me to thinking about Marketing.  Specifically, I was thinking about the lesson that can be learned from the character Uncle Rico. Uncle Rico, masterfully played by Jon Gries, […]

Ha Ha

A few weeks ago I decided to write a post about how I was going to watch less television in 2009.  No sooner than I hit publish, did PBS start hitting me with some can’t miss programming  in the form of the series Make Em Laugh. Let’s face it.  We all can use a good […]

Times Are Tough

Earlier this week my credit card statement arrived in the mail.  When my wife opened it she was shocked to see that our minimum payment had increased dramatically.  Upon further inspection, we noticed that the interest rate on the balance had been nearly tripled – i.e. from very low to very high. “We paid it […]

The White House on the Web

While it remains to be seen just how effective the new administration will be in restoring prosperity to our land, if the White House web site is any indicator we are headed for better days.  The site has a fresh new look and quite a bit of added functionality.  Check out The site has […]

Voices – Episode 9: Michelle Kaye

Michelle Kaye is a leader.  She has spent more than 20 years working in Dayton, Ohio.  She is one of the most well connected and highly respected Marketing professionals in the community. In her current positition as Director of Practice Development at Battelle & Battelle, she is tasked with overseeing the growth of the firm.  […]

America the Beautiful

The democratic process that we have embraced for over 2 centuries is an amazing spectacle to witness.  The willing transfer of power from one group of leaders to another as a reflection of the will of the people is uniquely American.  Today, for the 44th time in the history of our country, an individual chosen […]

MLK Day in Dayton, 2009

Today people from Dayton and the surrounding area came together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  There were prayer breakfasts, marches, dinners, and other festivities – all of which capped a week of commemorating the life of Dr. King. I had the pleasure of helping to organize the South Dayton march […]

More Information on 2009 Dayton MLK Celebration

I was recently given the following information about the festivities surrounding Martin Luther King Day in Dayton, Ohio, and I wanted to pass it along to anyone who might be interested in participating.  I plan to be there on Monday for the march.  I hope to see you there. 2009 MLK CELEBRATION SCHEDULE OF EVENTS […]

Hel Of A Show

Yes I am cutting back on Television for 2009.  There is however, one exception and that is PBS.  Case in point is the program I caught over the weekend – Independent Lens, Helvetica.  This show is all about the story of the font Helvetica. It seems sort of strange to think that someone invented Helvetica, […]