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Archives for February 2009

Suggestion Box

Wondering what is “hot” on the web?  Sure there are numerous ways to find new content on the internet, but none may be as easy as this.  The next time you decide to blow off your to do list in favor of mindlessly surfing the web for something interesting, try this fun and easy little […]


Remember Snapple?  A little over a decade ago, Snapple stormed onto the scene, devouring market share, creating clever commercials and ad campaigns, and causing quite a commotion in the beverage industry.  Not since Wine Coolers had we seen such a disruption.  Well, over time, Snapple sort of faded into the crowd of other beverages, garnering […]

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Yesterday, I received an email message from a co-worker.  It was only a couple sentences in length.  In essence it said “nice job.”   I was surprised by how good it felt to simply hear someone else say “thanks for doing what you do, because it is important and making an impact.” It could not have […]

It’s Back! Returns

A few years ago I discovered an amazing web site called  The site gave away free books every day.  All that was required was to answer 2 random questions created by Ryan a.k.a. In Bubble Guy.  Not only did I win a handful of books, but the site also tipped me off to great […]

When The Muzak’s Over…

I saw on yesterday that Muzak, you know the good people who sterilized music so that it was suitable for elevators, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  What surprised me more than the company filing bankruptcy, was the fact that the company was still around.  I just assumed that satellite radio, digital radio, internet radio, […]


For years now I have told my wife all about how as children on Bosart Road, my friends and I used to put on our parachute pants and bust out the break dance moves from time to time.  This was the era of the Moonwalk, the robot, the centipede, and the wave.  At this time […]

For the Best in Men’s Clothing Call Paul’s Boutique

20 years ago this month, one of the finest albums ever made was released to the world – Paul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys.  At the time, it was not widely appreciated.  The album was the B Boys follow up to the wildly popular album Licensed to Ill.  It was a radical departure from its […]

Create Something Everyday

One of the best things about writing a blog is that it connects you to new people and new ideas, both of which can have a profound effect on your life.  Let me share an example of this with you.  Through writing this blog, I had the opportunity to meet and do a Podcast with […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… Tim Westergren

In January of 2006, I discovered  Almost immediately, I began telling people about the site.  A few days later, I even posted a thank you note on my blog to Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora.   Yesterday, I had the very distinct honor of introducing Tim at the Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast.  My […]