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Archives for December 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

Allow me, if you will, to tell you a story.  This story is of the non-fiction variety, but it is still quite a marvelous tale.  In fact, it is more amazing because it  is a true story, one that may be surprising to those who listen to popular myths and misconceptions. This is the story […]

Getting On Board with URS

I am proud and excited to announce that I have accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors for United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton.  Led by Executive Director Dennis Grant, URS is one of the finest not for profit organizations in the Dayton region, touching the lives of thousands of people every year.  […]

Wright and Wrong

Last night I attended the Springboro School Board Meeting. In this blog post I will offer my assessment of the meeting and the implications of what was presented. I will attempt to do so in a respectful manner, while still expressing my thoughts and views – hopefully in a rational, logical way. I am not […]

about my time

The latest recording from the basement is a tune called “about my time.” This song is about growing older, becoming comfortable in your own skin, recalling the bittersweet memories of youth, and embracing today. Hope you enjoy – about my time Hadn’t seen your face in such a long time Hadn’t heard your voice or […]

Stay Strong

For creative fun, I’ve been playing around with writing some songs, recording them on the ipad, and now testing out uploading them to soundcloud.  This song is called Stay Strong. STAY STRONG Come on and walk with me Down past the willow tree They say it weeps But I can’t tell you why We’ll share […]

A Worthy Investment

The way in which you view the world has a dramatic impact on the decisions you make. Case in point. If you view something as an expense, you see it as a weakness – a necessary evil to be minimized. You cut and cut and cut in hopes of doing enough to make something continue […]