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Archives for February 2013

A Bad Painting, A Great Memory

Last weekend, Colleen, the kids, and I went to the craft store, bought some small canvases and paints, and came home to paint some original masterpieces. We spent the next hour creating.  It was great.  When I say that it was great, let me be clear that my painting was not great.  It pretty much […]

Your First Priority?

This week in the Springboro Sun, one of our school board members wrote that “The educational needs of our children must be a board of education’s first priority.” I agree. Unfortunately your actions repeatedly fail to support your words. For example: The educational needs of our children do not appear to be your first priority […]

In Support of Excellence

I am proud and grateful for the teachers of Springboro, Ohio.    They embody the spirt of Boro Pride!  In spite of doing an amazing job educating our kids and delivering value for our tax dollars, they are not being shown much respect by our school board.  They are not able to speak freely without […]

On in Waves

Today was a snowy Ohio day, so I had a little time to record a song that I recently wrote.  The song is called “On in Waves.”  I hate to tell people what a song is about, because ultimately you should make any song about what you want it to be about.  Still I’ll offer […]