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Rolling RockBirdAs a young boy, if you said 33 I immediately thought of Larry Bird. His greatness on the court was captivating and inspiring. I will never forget Bird stealing the inbounds pass and propelling the Celtics to victory against the Pistons in the NBA playoffs. As I got older and my imaginary prospects of an NBA career waned, 33 became synonymous with Rolling Rock Beer. The mystery of the 33 painted on the back of the bottle confounded me and my friends. It was our DaVinci Code and was discussed ad nausium at various bars and watering holes. Well those days are gone now too, but today the storied number returns to greatness as my friend Dana “the Kid” turns 33. I wish you a great birthday Kid. I have known you for nearly 30 years now, and we share those great memories of 33’s of the past. Many a day was spent on his backyard court trying to sink the shot from the corner to beat the Lakers, while many an evening was spent in the basement trying to sink the quarter into the bar glass full of Rolling Rock (or PBR). To those of you who know him or those of you who are just in search of an excuse to drink on a Wednesday, grab a Rolling Rock and raise a toast to “The Kid” on his 33rd. Then see if you can make the fade-away jumper with the bottle cap into the trash can as time runs out. Happy Birthday Kid.
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