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43 Folders: Getting Things Done Podcasts

Merlin Mann recently kicked off a series of Podcasts in which he speaks with David Allen, author of the popular book Getting Things Done. The first segment focuses on procrastination. If you are looking to improve your personal productivity, I would recommend giving it a listen – and don’t put it off until later. I found the podcast to be informative and entertaining, as both Allen and Mann conversed candidly for about 10 minutes. On the topic of procrastination, Allen sited another of my favorite books, “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. He touches on the idea that much of overcoming procrastination comes from facing down your fears. There interview is filled with great advice, and I look forward to future installments. Give it a listen for yourself.

Podcast: Interview with GTD’s David Allen on Procrastination | 43 Folders