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about my time

The latest recording from the basement is a tune called “about my time.” This song is about growing older, becoming comfortable in your own skin, recalling the bittersweet memories of youth, and embracing today. Hope you enjoy –

about my time

Hadn’t seen your face in such a long time
Hadn’t heard your voice or said your name

Hadn’t shared a laugh in what seems a lifetime
Hadn’t thought too much about those days

We walk on our own strange paths
We live, we love, and move in different time
And yet as the days pass by
I sometimes stop to think

…about my time

Such a different man than I was in that life
Yet I wouldn’t change a single day
All in all the good and bad of that time
Made me into who I am today

I don’t know when will be the next time
When I’ll get to see a familiar face
I don’t know just how much is left of my time
In the end we’re all just lost in space


Listen, download, share, and enjoy.