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Are You Curious? Seth is.

This video comes from Seth Godin’s blog. It is a 5 minute discussion on curiosity. I am an ever curious person, and this really resonates with me. I encourage you to watch this short video. Seth Godin writes about marketing, but speaks about life and a changing world view. One of the points made about curiosity is that it is a process – a continual progression of finding one’s voice. I love this. I have found myself in and out of trouble throughout life as a result of curiosity. I have no regrets about this part of my personality. As a young boy in school, teachers regularly had to “shut me up,” because I was curious. In my first “real job,” to the horror of my peers, I would dare to question policies I believed to be unfair. Sometimes I was right, sometimes wrong – always I learned something. In working towards my MBA, I would often ask question after question – trying to discern something deeper than the surface. I loved to debate with professors and peers alike, respectfully and primarily out of curiosity. While there were a few others like me, the feeling of countless eyes rolling as I raised my hand was palpable. I did not care. I was curious. I did not want to simply read the text, take notes and get home early, just to get a piece of paper. Rather, I wanted to challenge my own fundamental beliefs to better understand them. I am curious and wildly unapologetic for this character trait. I am steadily learning that it is wise not to suppress this urge, as I was forced to do in grade school, but rather to amplify it. Turn it up to 11. Now, day by day, I am finding my own voice. Thanks to Seth for inspiring me yet again. Watch the video. I am curious, what are your thoughts on curiosity?

Seths Blog: Curious