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Be Prepared to Sell Me Something

Be Prepared to Sell Me SomethingAs a loyal Target customer, there is one thing that consistently frustrates me about the shopping experience – the consistent lack of readiness. When the doors are opened, the place should be fully stocked and ready to make money. Alas, almost every time I visit a Target store, at least one of the aisles is blocked by someone or something associated with re-stocking the shelves. Usually, there is nobody around to help, and I leave scratching my head as to how this is so. Why can’t stocking shelves be done at night or early in the morning? Just this past weekend, my family and I were at a Target store shopping for groceries, diapers, clothes, and other assortPlease Stock At Nighted items, when we came upon an aisle that was totally blocked. No one was around to move the slew of items blocking our path and blocking merchandise that we might have been interested in buying. Thus, we took the long way around, never to return to that section of the store. If this were an isolated incident, I would just brush it off, but it happens with such regularity, that I thought I should say something. I hope that this post finds its way to someone at Target who can do something to change this, as I think it would be a real improvement and ultimately lead to more sales for one of my favorite retailers. Please. Restock your inventory while you are closed. When you open your doors, be ready to sell me something. I came there to buy your goods, so make that process easy. If, due to unanticipated demand, you are forced to restock while there are customers in the store, please make sure that people are actually stocking shelves, and not just abandoning blocking your aisles with abandoned carts and pallets. I like shopping at Target. I spend a lot of time and money there. Please, make it easier for me to continue doing so.